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We are the leading Merlin Flexible Module Manufacturer in Gujarat. Our company is known for providing the customized EPC solutions for the clients & this types of panel is the best example of it. These panel are mainly designed for the irregular roof tops & can be easily curved upto 30o installed on any surface. They can be installed easily on the boat, cabin, tent, yacht, dome shape shed, etc.

And, these are the types of the solar panels which are very light in weight, have the foldable structurewith no frames & come with peels-n-stick methodology. The junction box is sealed thoroughly & water shielded. They have a great efficiency of 25% to 30% & can be installed very easily.


The features of the Merlin Flexible Module provided by our company are stated below :-
Merlin Flexible Module

These  panel can be easily installed as per the client requirements. Our team  provide the free site visit then customized the best solar plant for our clients. And, they are installed under the guidance & supervision of our team. By installing  these solar panel, it not only helps for your power supply but also helps in conserving the environment. The requirement of the industries electricity supply can be easily fulfilled by installing them.

Our company is the leading Merlin Flexible Module Suppliers in India& provide the best solution related to these types of solar panel at a reasonable price. The entire range provided by the Solar Panel India is made easily accessible across the globe.

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