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A solar panel is a device made up of several solar cells arranged in a parallel or series alignment to collect solar radiation and produce direct current (DC). It is sometimes referred to as a photovoltaic (PV) module, PV module, or PV module सोलर प्लेट. A solar panel is made up of seven primary parts that come together to form a single PV module. The term photovoltaic is derived from two Latin words: photo, which means “light,” and voltaic, which means “electricity,” which describes electricity produced by light.

Whenever, the requirement related to the solar panel arises in the market, our company is the prime choice of our clients. We provide a wide range of the solar panels like the Mono Crystalline Panel, Poly Crystalline Panel, Bifacial Panel, Half Cut Solar Panel, Mono Perc Solar Module, Merlin Flexible Module etc.

Solar Panel Manufacturer From Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The entire range of the solar panel equipment provided by the company is ISO certified & are known for their quality in the market. Due to lots of activities performed everyday pollution is generated in different ways & also degrade the environment in different ways. Even, the power generation creates a lot of the environmental issues. Many of them are diverting toward the natural resources for power generation. And, the solar energy is always on the top & is the prime choice of the clients.

Our company is the leading Solar Panel Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India,  And, we provide the solution related to the solar panel for different sectors like commercial, industrial, residential, institutional, medical, NGOs, etc.

And, in today’s new technology advancement world, the renewable source of energy requirement is there to a great extent. For an Electricity Power Generation Solar Energy is a prime choice of the sector nowadays. Our company provides complete Solar EPC Solution in Ahmedabad & provide the best  solutions related to the wide range of the solar panels & other equipment at a very budget friendly price.

Manufacturer of Solar Panel, supplier in India

Cost of Solar Panel in Ahmedabad

The Solar Panel India provides the best solution related to the wide range of the solar panels which can be chosen as per the requirements. We have a great experience in this field & manufacture them using the best quality raw materials. The entire range provided by the company is ISO certified & we provide them at the best price.

Our company has been in the Indian market since many years, & are providing the solution related to all types of the solar cell to the clients. The Cost of Solar Panel in Ahmedabad provided by our company is very affordable, though our range is available at nominal price, but solar panel India never compromises with the quality at any point.

Supaer and Strong Solar Panel in Ahmedabad

solar panels for farms in Ahmedabad
Transparent Solar Panels for Greenhouses
Manufacturer of Solar Panels for Factories

Solar Panel for Fram

Solar Panels for Greenhouses

Solar Panels for Factories

Best @ Solar Panel Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, India

Best Solar Panel Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Our company is the one of the Best Solar Panel Company in Gujarat. We provide a wide range of the solar panel which can be chosen as per the requirements. We make them using the best quality raw materials &are of the superior quality.

The solar panel provided by the company are used by the institutes, NGO, commercial, residential, hospital, etc., Our company has handled more than 2500+ across the projects& is playing a major role in the Solar EPC Industry.

Our Range

Mono Crystalline Panel

We are the leading manufacturer & suppliers of Mono Crystalline Panel in Gujarat. The cell which is made from the single crystal of the silicone, which has the high purity similar to that of the semiconductor. Besides, they are also known for their unique looks as they are in octagonal shape.

Poly Crystalline Panel

The best quality Poly Crystalline Panel in India is provided by the Solar Panel India. And, they are also known as the Multi Crystalline Panel as they consist of the multiple silicon in a single PV Cell. The shape of these is basically square & have the shining blue hue as they are made of the multiple silicon crystal.

Bifacial Panel

We are the leading Bifacial Solar Panel manufacturer in Ahmedabad. It is also known as the bifacial solar cell or the BSC as they can easily produce the electrical energy from the rear & the front surfaces. This solar cell due to their dual power capability is the future of the industry.

Half Cut Solar Panel


These Half Cut Solar Panel or the Twin Solar Cell is a type of the conventional solar cell which is divided into the two halves by making use of the laser technology. They are more durable & efficient as compared to the traditional full solar cell panel. We are the leading Manufacturer of Half Cut Solar Panel in India & provide complete solution related to all types of the panels.

Mono Perc Solar Module

The ISO Certified Mono Perc Solar Module in Gujarat is manufactured & supplied by Solar Panel India. They are basically designed for the utility scale & commercial projects, as they combine local rear contact & the rear wafer surface passivation in order to capture more lights. They are highly demanded as they increase the efficiency of the photo voltaic system.

Merlin Flexible Module

We are the leading Merlin Flexible Module Manufacturer in India. And, these are the types of the solar panels which are very light in weight, have the foldable structure with no frames & come with peels-n-stick methodology.

Our company is in the market for many years & is providing the complete solution related to all types of the solar panels. We offer solution right from the engineering, project management, procurement, construction, production, commissioning.

The Solar Panel India Is a joint venture company of the HEC Infra Project Ltd. And, the complete solution related to all types of the solar cell panels is provided by the company. We are the Global Exporters of Solar Panels.

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