How Solar Panels Work?

The solar power is basically generated using the photo voltaic cells or the pv technology, which converts the sunlight into electricity by means of conductors. Whenever, the sunlight falls on these cells the electrons become free & the bus bar collects all this electron which result in an electric current generation.

When these panels are installed by observing the nature of the site, & they are connected in an appropriate manner they produce voltage  & currents in the form of DC (Direct Current).  But in most of the countries the appliances & equipment work on AC (Alternative Current) so, these panels are connected to the inverters, which can convert the current from  DC to AC make it favorable for the usage.

Solar Panels for Industrial Use in India

Benefits of Solar Panels

The stated below are the benefits of the Solar Panels-

Increases the property value

If your property is equipped with the solar panel, it increases its value by 3 to 5 % in the market. And, provide you great return on investment.

Helps in saving more money

Just you install these solar panels for your business or home, your electric bill will observe a drastic reduction. You can operate instruments, machine, appliances without any tension & in case if more electricity is generated by your panel you can sell it back to grid company & earn extra money.

Make better environment

As, the solar energy is easily available in abundant quantity & can be used for generating the electricity. Generating the electricity by using this solar energy, it does not cause any types of air, water, or the soil pollution. One of the best techniques of generating electricity in most environment friendly way.

Budget friendly

Though the initial cost of the installation of the solar panel is quite high, but once you install you can enjoy the benefit of free electricity for 25 to 30 years. They are very easy to maintain & always proves to be budgetfriendly when installed for residential & industrial use.

Highly suitable for Indian climate

In India, the sun is available for 300 days very easily as our country is situated has great geographical & topographical location it receives abundant sunlight. Hence, solar energy for electricity generation is a great option for Indian & we must take the maximum benefits of the source available.

Have multiple application

The solar power can be easily used for generating electricity as well for heating water or air. And, heavy equipment & machines can be run easily by using them.

No additional space for installation

For installation of the solar panel it does not require any additional space. By visiting the site we can easily see the nature of the sunlight & these panels can be installed on roof top, parking lots, or the space where the sunlight is easily available.

Have low maintenance cost

Once the panel installed can run efficiently for 20 to 25 years if they are maintained properly.

Get support from government

Planning to get solar panel installation, the government offers many subsidiary schemes &a tax credit if you are installing this panel for domestic, agricultural or industrial use. You can also enjoy this additional perk which save environment & also save your buck effectively.

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